December 2015

This nonsense that teachers are paid less than other professionals is crazy – how do we expect to attract talent to a sector responsible for the education of future leaders?

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hello tutor – the abridged version

Education is the cornerstone

2015 has seen hello tutor grow from an idea and a dream into a living, organic online platform with multiple stakeholders all contributing towards its growth and benefitting from their involvement in different ways. For us, our learners, tutors and corporate sponsors are the heart and soul of hello tutor and our growth and further development during 2016 is reliant on adding participants to each of these categories. This article serves as an abridged overview of what hello tutor really is, how it works, who it benefits. Most importantly it points out how unique a model it is with the power to revolutionise education!

Why hello tutor?

Because without education we have nothing. Without education, we cannot build, let alone sustain, the democracy that many fought so hard for. A healthy democracy requires a healthy society and one of the foundations of a healthy society is a strong education system for all.

What is hello tutor? What’s an online platform?

hello tutor is a gateway, a platform of opportunity and a channel through which the vast population of South Africans who are willing and able to teach and impart knowledge can effectively and efficiently reach learners from all walks of life. In the South African setting, while our content is used by all learners, there is a specific focus on learners from disadvantaged backgrounds who, through circumstance, do not receive adequate tuition in their formative years.

Through our unique crowd-sourcing model we are able to provide literally hundreds of teachers and tutors with the opportunity to do what they love on a daily basis with the significant upside of being able to create a residual annuity type income stream unlike any other. We pay our tutors R1 every time their video is purchased by one of the registered students. Some of our teachers have already built video libraries of over 100 videos – if each video achieves 100 purchases a month that equates to R10 000 residual income per month… forever! It is the uniqueness of our model, it’s organic nature and ability to leverage the power of crowdsourcing content, that sets us apart.

What exactly is hello tutor?


The past decade has seen significant developments in the number of people able to access the internet, from the cost of hardware to the price and penetration of wireless data. We still have some way to go before everyone is connected to the world wide web, but recent developments on this front mean that significant numbers of people are “connected” and where people are not connected, hello tutor has ways and means of giving learners access to the video learning library on our online platform!


Finally, our mission, simply put, is to ensure that everyone has a chance. That anyone who wants to learn, can do so, ideally in their own language. We want to take away excuses, level the playing field and provide each and every South African with equal opportunity to reach their dreams.

Welcome to hello tutor – let’s teach each other!

hello tutor bridges the gap

Check out this recent article in ITWeb following our implementation of hello tutor at two disadvantaged schools in Johannesburg, namely Sunrise Secondary and Kwena Molapo High School. This was part of our collaboration with Britehouse, a division of Dimension Data, who sponsored both schools unlimited access to the online maths and science lessons. Its partnerships such as this – real, direct and transparent which make a difference and change the lives of people who are put on the back foot

One of hundreds of maths video tutorials in our online library

Here is an excellent example of a maths video tutorial uploaded by one of our leading tutors. Videos such as this are available on demand and can be purchased for only R2.00. Each purchase buys you the video for 48 hours of viewing. If you compare to the cost of an extra lesson it’s a real no-brainer. We would love to hear you thoughts on this and other content on hello tutor.

Huge earning potential for teachers in 2016!

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hello tutor is a unique online education facility which brings together teachers and learners by leveraging the power of the internet. For teachers, it provides a platform through which to earn a residual, annuity income by creating and uploading short educational videos which are then made available by us to learners around the country. These learners come from all walks of life and register on the platform for free. They access the library of material generated by our independent teachers/tutors and pay R2.00 to buy a video. Of this R2.00, R1.00 is paid to the teacher who made the video tutorial and R1.00 is used by us for the administration of the site and marketing to the learner population. Many educational videos on youtube have received millions of views and so, hello tutor represents a very real opportunity for teachers to earn a substantial secondary income doing what they enjoy! A further example to illustrate the potential is the fact that in only 6 months of operating, many of our teachers have already put up between 100 and 200 short videos – 100 videos at 100 views per month equates to R10 000 worth of monthly income forever!

The impact of well directed SED spending


On the 14th and 15th of October 2015, Britehouse, in collaboration with hello tutor, facilitated two days of workshops at the Kwena Molapo High School, Lenasia and Sunrise Secondary School, Diepsloot. The purpose of these workshops was to introduce the teachers and learners at each school to the hello tutor online learning system, and set each student up with a user profile which would provide free access to the library of learning material available on the platform. Between the two schools, over 220 grade 10, 11 and 12 learners were registered and given vouchers to the value of between R120 and R240 each. The on-site internet access at each school and hello tutor vouchers were sponsored by the Britehouse Group and facilitated the download of over 300 maths, science and accounting videos by the learners in the short period between the workshop and their final exams. This equated to approximately 2 250 minutes (37.5 hours) worth of highly quality, curated, local curriculum-aligned learning material produced by leading South African teachers. Not bad as a pilot, but a fraction of what we hope to achieve in 2016 – this represents the first step in the Britehouse / hello tutor collaboration aimed at ensuring learners from all walks of life have unlimited access to the highest quality teaching.