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Are you an aspiring educator? Do you want to make high-quality video lessons that are able to teach learners in the far corners of the globe? Well, making slick, well rehearsed, video content to put online is a valuable skill that will help you educate the world. In this blog post and linked video, I am going to give you a holistic introduction into how to make your very own online video content. The video will also go through an example from beginning to end.

1. Decide what you are going to teach.

You are probably here because you have a passion for the subject that you teach. So you probably know exactly what you want to teach, but we need to dig a bit deeper into what you are going to teach. Firstly, once you have picked a subject of interest, you need to know your audience. Ask yourself some of these questions, are your viewers young, old, what is their attention span? Do you need to make 2min videos with lots of animations, or 20min videos packed with information? Have you researched the type of videos people in your audience watch? 

Once you know who your audience is, ensure you follow a syllabus, or structure of some sort. If they are learning Grade 8 mathematics in South Africa, make sure they are learning exactly what they need to. Maybe you are just making an educational video on something that interests you, that’s great! Ensure viewers know that!

Lastly, I encourage you to start small. Practice making concise video lessons explaining one specific concept brilliantly. Make your video the best on hello tutor explaining one small topic, from there you can start interlinking your videos to follow on from one another. This will grow your audience, quality over quantity. 

2. How are you going to teach?

There are three main presenting styles to consider when making an online video. A video could also be a hybrid of a couple of types of presentation styles. There are:

i) Lecture style – Being filmed in front of a white/blackboard and giving a lecture. Whole body is being filmed. Natural for teachers.

ii) Tutoring style – Having your work pad filmed on either a workbook or computer. Typically only your hand will be filmed while it teaches the subject. Often filmed using a camera pointing down onto your desk. This is the khan-academy style.

iii) Animation style – This is a labour-intensive method often involving good editing software. This can be done on a power-point presentation and talking over it. This is a great method when animations can help explain how a chemical reaction works or how a car works etc.

3. Equipment and Software

Different equipment and software are needed depending on your video style. 

F=Free, FT=Free Trial 

If you are making a lecture style video lesson, ensure you use a good lapel mic, but you can get away with free movie editing software. Tutoring style is perhaps the easier cheaper of the methods to get started with. Using a mic is always a good idea. If you have access to an iPhone its mic is brilliant. Ensure you know how to edit out the noise in your audio using a program like Goldwave. Using something like a writing tablet can add a new dimension to your videos, this is easily bought online. If you want to try the animation style, start off with something like powerpoint. Ensure you set your slide size to a 16:9 ratio as this is what most youtube videos are made in. 

For a much better example on how to make an online video, ensure you watch below.


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