March 2016

Orientation Video 1: Finding relevant material on hello tutor

Once you have created your profile on hello tutor, click the search button under the video tab on the left hand side of your screen(see image 1 below). This will take you to the search video page from where you can access and search through our library of content. Remember, each time you buy a video, R2 is deducted from your credit, but you can watch the video over and over at no extra cost for 48 hours. Videos which you have purchased and still have access to sit in the “watch” folder as seen below (image 1)

Credit can be added using either a voucher which can be purchased from us or by using a credit card through our secure Payfast channel. This can be achieved either by clicking the “Vouchers – Load New” tab or “Credit Card Payment” as illustrated in image 2 below.

Image 1: Click the search button as seen above to access the hello tutor video library
Image 2: Illustrating the different channels through which credit can be loaded onto the system

Onwards and upwards

The latest view from our admin dashboard reflects over 500 tutors registered on the system; 1073 video tutorials uploaded by leading South African teachers across high school maths and science in English, Zulu and Afrikaans; and well over 2500 students making use of the platform. For more information on how you can get involved, contact us at