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Introduction to SED (socio-economic development)

By the end of year exams 2017, the hello tutor video platform will have been fully functional in 5 under-serviced schools through SED spend by leading digital business, Britehouse. This has directly enhancedthe lives of 1000s of underprivileged students. These schools include;

  • Kwena Molapo High School, Lanseria;
  • Sunrise Secondary School, Diepsloot;
  • Shumayela High School, Umlazi;
  • Sibusiswe Comprehensive Technical School, Umbumbulu; and,
  • Newhaven Secondary School, Chatsworth / Zwelibanzi High School, Umlazi.

Notable Achievements

Here are some of the notable developments since the SED project began in late 2015;

  • The number of high school math and science videos has grown to circa 1600 videos. All content is developed by leading South African teachers ;
  • Of the 1600 videos, >400 grade 10 to 12 maths and science videos are in Zulu. This provides many learners with the opportunity to understand maths and science concepts in their own language;
  • The hello tutor video library continues to grow organically every month. This gives learners access to new and fresh content;
  • 100% of the maths topics included in the NSC high school maths syllabus are covered by video material on hello tutor;
  • The 2014, 2015 and 2016 NSC matric maths final exam papers and the 2015 NSC matric science final paper have been covered by our tutors;
  • Hello tutor ambassadors, specially trained on the system, visit each the schools on a regular basis. At these visits they provide live tutoring and guidance to new and existing students on the system;
  • At Shumayela High School, hello tutor has been streamed into each of the classrooms. This allows the entire school access to the platform in a seamless and convenient way. The success of this pilot will lead to similar rollout amongst other schools in the portfolio.

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Accelerated adoption

In terms of adoption since the project began with the installation of the first servers in April 2016, hello tutor has seen the registration of over 500 individual learners across the country. An end of year assessment of usage for the year 2017 shows that over 10 000 videos were watched by underprivileged South African learners. This represents a significant increase from 2016 and testament to the efficacy and continued adoption of the platform.

Through the integration of hello tutor into these under-resourced schools, teachers continue to leverage the wealth of information provided by the video tutorials. They draw upon the expertise and methodologies of teachers around the country in their own teaching and lesson planning.

What’s next?

For the first time since the inception of the Britehouse SED sponsorship, 100% of the topics included in the high school maths syllabus are covered by hello tutor which now represents a complete solution to learners who rely on the platform. Our intention for the year ahead is to focus on the following key additions to the system;

  • To continue spending more time within each school environment engaging with learners, finding out where gaps in information exist and where enhancements can be made to improve their experience on the system;
  • To expand on the subjects covered by the system and through partnerships with leading South African schools and teachers focus on accelerating content development in other subjects and languages. In this regard, hello tutor is in discussions with a leading supplier of localization technology, a potential means of having all content on the system converted into multiple African languages;
  • Together with Britehouse, develop a mobile application which will allow learners to download content at school, within a wi-fi area through a smart device, and take it away with them for viewing at home; and,
  • The recent advancement of being able to stream hello tutor content into multiple classrooms at each school as well as public areas allowing great access to the hello tutor hub. This has been trialled as a part of the hello tutor / Britehouse partnership in 2017 and can now be rolled out across all the schools. This functionality would fall under an addendum agreement to this one and is subject to a once off establishment cost.
maths lessons

Maths and science video tutorials and extra lessons

Online Maths and Science Video Tutorials and Extra Lessons

Hello tutor’s intention as a maths and science video platform is to make it as easy as possible for our learners to find video content relevant to the topics they are battling with. To do so, we have created a simple way to navigate the thousands of video lessons available on the site.

Video Lessons Navigation

When signing into hello tutor you are immediately taken to the “search videos” page which looks as follows;

Maths video lessons

The five slots available include a search field and 4 dropdowns which can be used as follows;

  • The “Search videos, tutors…” field can be used as a quick way of finding what you are looking for. It can be used in the same way that you would use google to find information on the internet. For most effective use, type in the keyword/s best describing what you are looking for. The downside of this approach is that it search videos across the system. So, a search for Trigonometry would bring up video covering both grade 11 and grade 12 content which may then require further sorting.
  • A more effective way to find relevant extra lessons/video tutorials is to use the dropdowns. The dropdowns should be used in the order that they appear;
    • Language of video,
    • Grade & Subject,
    • Category,
    • Topic.
  • As an example, one could choose “English” as the language you want to watch a video in, then select “grade 12 – maths” as the year and subject of choice and then “trigonometry” as a category. This leaves just the topic drop-down to select from which will ensure all videos presented are relevant to what you are looking for. In the case of Trigonometry, you would be able to choose from the following topics;
    • Application of Trigonometric Functions,
    • Compound Angles Identities,
    • Double Angle Identities,
    • Mensuration,
    • Solving Equations, and,
    • Two and Three Dimensions.


What is a series?

In cases where one video cannot adequately cover a topic, our tutors create a series of videos which they group together. It is often important that these videos are watched in the correct order, as they build on one another. Tutors make sure the videos are ordered correctly and providing further guidance by numbering the videos in the title.

Maths and Science Past Paper Videos

An excellent use of the series functionality is the grouping of past paper videos on the site. Tutors have created past paper video solutions covering the last 3 years of NSC matric exams. Going through these series is a wonderful and effective way of preparing for matric exams.

How to Register?

Registering on hello tutor is FREE and SIMPLE. Simply click here, complete the short form and you’ll have your own profile on the system in less than 2 minutes. There is no cost to signing up and e give you a few free videos to get a feel for things. Thereafter, there are a few ways of paying for content.

What does access to the maths and science extra lessons cost?

Not a lot! You have two options;

  1. Pay as you go – Each video costs R2 to purchase for 48 hours. The video lesson can be watched repeatedly for free within the 48 hour period. Thereafter, you’ll need to pay another R2. While the video sits within the 48 hour period, it can be found in the “Watch” tab. All major credit and debit cards can be used to upload content through the safe and secure Payfast channel.
  2. Subscribe – To subscribe to hello tutor and enjoy unlimited access to all content on the system for just R49 per month, click here.

For more information on hello tutor contact us through the following channels;

  1. Email us at Should there be any content you feel is not adequately covered and would like our team of tutors to help with, this is the most useful channel to go through. Simply send us an email with the details of what you require and we’ll get a video up within 48 hours.
  2. Visit our Facebook page and let us know your thoughts – Facebook
  3. Connect with us on Twitter and follow all news and developments – Twitter

In summary, hello tutor is a learning resource available to all learners and can be accessed through any smart device. These include cell phones, tablets, laptops and home PC. We even have an app which you can download from the Google Play and Apple iStore. We hope that you find the platform useful and look forward to seeing you on the site!

“But, imagine for a moment, that the knowledge banks of online learning initiatives such as Hello Tutor or GetSmarter were within the grasp of those struggling to complete their schooling, or who wanted to re-skill themselves to compete for higher-paying jobs or start a business.” Huffington Post

Past Paper video solutions with hello tutor

Past Paper Answers with Workings

Past paper exercises are a great way to assess your readiness for the end of year exams. Historically students had access to books of past papers, questions and solutions. Or should I say answers? This proved useful in many respects but also limited for a number of reasons.
past paper exercises are a winner
The biggest problem was that while one was able to attempt solving examples from previous years, guidance when getting the answer wrong did not exist. This again meant reliance on teachers at school or tutors after school. Hello tutor solves this. Our videos cover the past three years maths past papers. They contain not only the questions and answers but also the  ‘in-between’.
As we are continually told, finding the right answer from a marks perspective only gets us halfway there, if that. It’s all about showing how we got there and illustrating a true understanding of the problem.

So, how does one take advantage of this resource?

What we have found learners doing is quite interesting. They’ll kick the relevant video off and take the question in. They’ll then pause the video and attempt working towards the answer. Once they arrive at a solution they watch the rest of the video, observe the sometimes many routes to the correct answer and the answer itself. They can watch the video over and over again. And, they can do this for the past three years! Here is an example – 2014 Maths Final Paper – Paper 1, Question 1

It’s super effective!

Using past papers in this way is highly effective. It gives learners confidence and removes much of the frustration once encountered with this way of preparing. Past paper solutions can be found by picking the grade 12 – maths drop-down and then selecting the Past Exam Papers option under category. Then, under topic select the relevant year’s papers you’d like to look at.
Register here for FREE  to explore our ever-growing video library.
If one-on-one live tutoring is something you are looking for to augment your learning, why not consider talking to our friends over at SkillUp Tutors.

Exams Approaching – MATHS and SCIENCE video lessons!

Year-end exams, here we come…

October sure has snuck up on us and all high school students should have an eye on the end of year with a good feel for how prepared they are for exams. It’s a time when parents begin to fret too placing additional emphasis on academics in order to secure the best results possible. To this end, the tutoring market is one which gets really busy providing learners across South Africa with the additional help they need, filling in gaps they may be struggling with and brushing up on concepts across the maths and science syllabus.

It’s also at this time of year when the number of learners using hello tutor increases dramatically as learners take advantage of the 24/7 nature of the platform and the clever way the syllabus has been arranged to make finding relevant content easy. With over 1500 maths, science, accounting and geography videos, hello tutor has become the “go to” for 1000’s of learners able to access the platform anytime, anywhere.

Maths and Science

Maths remains the website’s focal point with the vast majority of content falling into this subject. Content covers everything from the building blocks covered in grade 8 namely;

  • data handling;
  • measurement;
  • number, operations and relationships;
  • basic algebra;
  • patterns; and,
  • functions

to the more complex categories of

  • trigonometry,
  • calculus,
  • analytical geometry,
  • probability, and,
  • functions

which constitute the core of the matric syllabus.


Exams are upon us

Thousands of videos just like this one…


Past Exam Papers

In addition to the above, it is hello tutors’ three years of past exam papers,  covered in the form of video solutions, which have proved the most popular on the platform and the biggest drawcard for matric maths students. What better way to prepare for exams?


So whether trigonometry tests you, calculus makes you crazy or derivatives drive you mad, hello tutor has all the solutions and looks forward to helping you achieve your potential at the end of the year. From all of us on the hello tutor team, head down, it’s the home straight to a long summer break!


Registration is free and you can sign up here. As seen on Momentum’s Education360.

hello tutor – disrupting education in SA

Disrupting education

Hello tutor disrupting education in Lanseria – Satisfied learners!


Three years ago, almost to the day, we set off on a mission to create a system capable of efficiently and effectively disrupting the education sector by bridging the gap in the level of education received by South African learners from different walks of life. We wanted a system able to better utilise the country’s teaching talent and bring this talent into the classrooms of under-serviced, underprivileged learners around the country.  Hello tutor has grown from strength to strength since that day and has, through it’s first corporate collaboration with the visionary Britehouse group, effectively delivered thousands of video lessons created by SA’s top teaching talent into 5 schools situated in some of the country’s poorest townships, including Umlazi and Diepsloot. The project began in 2016, and a letter received earlier this week from one of the schools is a testament to the value of the resource and the potentially game-changing impact that it could have.

Letter of thanks

You see, our hub system, which enables offline usage of the online hello tutor resource (and thus can be put anywhere) and access to over 1200 maths and science video lessons in English and Zulu, has been designed in such a way that it is highly scalable, replicable and cost-effective. The next stage in this journey is to take the impact achieved at the existing 5 hubs and grow it to over 50 hubs by the end of 2017, and thereafter work towards the final objective of a hub within walking distance of every South African. What began as a dream and a vision is slowly becoming a reality. Should you wish to join our current corporate collaborators in supporting a hub/s and be a part of a potentially disruptive revolution in education in South Africa, please send me an email at or a message here and we can explore possibilities. Thank you for your time – I hope to hear from you!

New content every month!

New content every month

hello tutor content growing every month!

With a multitude of tutors uploading content, hello tutor’s library of video material grows at approximately 100 video lessons a month. Here are the titles of the latest videos uploaded over the last fortnight;

  • Skryf ‘n repeterende getal as ‘n egte breuk m.b.v. konvergerende meetkundige reekse;
  • Gauteng Departmentele Voorbereidende Eksamen Sept 2015 Graad 12, Vraag 3;
  • Gauteng Departmentele Voorbereidende Eksamen Sept 2015 Graad 12, Vraag 2;
  • Gauteng Departmentele Voorbereidende Eksamen Sept 2015 Graad 12, Vraag 1.2-1.4;
  • Gauteng Departementele Voorbereidende Eksamen Sept 2015 Graad 12, Vraag 1.1;
  • Introducing Algebraic expressions and factorising common factors;
  • Column method multiplication;
  • describing 3D objects;
  • Divisibility rules and practice;
  • Division;
  • Factors, Grouping and Sharing;
  • Fractions;
  • Geometric Patterns;
  • Multiplication using a table;
  • Prime factor trees;
  • Reflection symmetry;
  • Rounding off;
  • Using factors to multiply;
  • Adding decimals using the vertical column;
  • Estimating Capacity;
  • Measuring Capacity.

This new content covers math topics from grade 6 to grade 12 and is all conveniently categorised by our system to make finding what you’re struggling with super easy.

Because we don’t yet have videos for every single topic covered in the school maths syllabus, we do request that you send us an email whenever your questions are not answered by one of our videos. We then distribute that information amongst our tutor population and have a video posted within 48 hours.

From all of us at hello tutor, have a great week!

p.s. visit our FB page by clicking on the link below and let us know your feedback.

hello tutor subscriptions now available!

hello tutor users exploring the library of content and benefitting from subscriptions

hello tutor subscriptions now available!

We are pleased to announce that hello tutor has added a subscriptions option where R49 per month provides learners with unlimited, unrestricted access to all of our learning videos. And, if you sign up before the end of January 2017, you’ll get one-month free. Yes, the whole of February 2017 – absolutely FREE!

So, R49 per month for unlimited, unrestricted access to 1400 maths and science videos (with a few accounting and geography videos too). All you have to do is either;

  1. Send us an email at using the promo code HTMC17SUBS and we’ll send you the application form or,
  2. Contact us through the contact page on the homepage (subscribe here) and quote the same promo code (HTMC17SUBS).

It’s that easy.

hello tutor recognized at SA Business Awards

Learners benefitting from maths and science video lessons


2016 has been a quite unbelievable year with one of our biggest achievements coming through the corporate sponsorship provided by the visionary Britehouse Group who, for their efforts were recognized as the winner in the Corporate Citizenship Category at National Business Awards. The following outlines what they have achieved and how we have contributed to the education of 1000’s of underprivileged learners across South Africa…

Corporate Citizenship

The Britehouse Group has broken new ground with Britehouse GOT-GAME™, the digital centre of their social investment initiatives. Not only has the Group extended both the reach and impact of these initiatives within the communities they were first established, but they have also ensured that these initiatives become self-sustaining and replicable, thereby allowing other communities to benefit from corporate social investment.
This journey started in 2010, when after having met with ten students and four teachers of the Kwena Molapo High School in Diepsloot, the Group sought to build an ethos of financial independence and social stability within underserved communities.
Together with their partner, social enterprise, Got-Game, the Group focused on erecting and managing digital hubs in order to improve teacher and student development, access to information, employment, empowerment of women, and enterprise development. Known as Britehouse GOT-GAME™, it is equipped with smart technology and Internet access, and provisioned with an online repository of accredited education resources. These digital hubs can be set down anywhere to facilitate the empowerment of underserved and underprivileged communities by providing a facility from where teachers, enterprises, and community development projects can be hosted.
Take, for instance, a single hub hosted in Diepsloot. Here students from the community receive a stipend from corporate sponsors to manage the hub, which creates a myriad of simultaneous possibilities that are then made available to people from different sections of that community.

hello tutor

These students and teachers then have access to high-quality teaching skills through Hello Tutor, the knowledge-sharing platform. In fact, Hello Tutor’s video library receives content from the likes of St Mary’s, Waverly, and the prominent publishing house, Via Afrika. Not only does the library continue to grow by over 100 videos each month from institutions of this calibre, but their wider involvement has enabled us to broaden the platform’s scope to include new subjects and to extend the coverage down to grade R.
To date, approximately 1300 high school maths and science videos are now available, of which 300 videos are available in Zulu. This provides many learners with the opportunity to understand these concepts in their own language. In total, an impressive 3150 videos have been consumed. Over this past year, we have seen roughly 500 learners from five schools across the country, including Sunrise Secondary School (Diepsloot), Kwena Molapo Comprehensive Farm School (Lenasia), Shumayela High School (Umlazi), Zwelibanzi High School (Umlazi), and Newhaven Secondary School (Chatsworth).
Through the Group’s support, Hello Tutor has been able to develop the hub technology which will enhance the lives of 1000s of underprivileged South African students.
In addition to the benefit felt by learners, Britehouse GOT-GAME™ provides professional teacher development and IT training. Teachers from under-resourced schools, in particular, are now able to leverage the wealth of information provided by the video tutorials and draw upon the expertise and methodologies of teachers around the country in their own teaching and lesson planning.
Britehouse GOT-GAME™ also facilitates annual basic computer readiness training to the entire matric classes of its two beneficiary schools. The Group has then expanded its educational development focus to providing world-class vendor SAP and Microsoft technology platforms to its beneficiaries.
In 2015, the Group was accredited as a Top Empowered Company by Impumelelo, making it one of 1 400 out of 20 000 companies to receive this recognition. The criteria applied by Impumelelo in assessing South African companies for their transformation capabilities include ownership, management control, skills development, new enterprise and supplier development, and socio-economic development.
People are also able to find employment on both a local and international scale with the IT skills they can acquire through the hub. These skills include data capturing, document creation, and performing other online projects for organisations. Moreover, thanks to the Britehouse GOT-GAME™ portal, people can also find employment outside the scope of IT by applying for jobs online and posting their CVs for businesses to find.
Beyond IT and teacher development, the hub is also used to train previously unemployed women in the basics of running a small business. Collaborating with the Diepsloot Pre-Schools Project and Training Force, 23 teaching assistants from 19 pre-schools in Diepsloot were trained to run pre-schools in underprivileged areas. This training earns each of the women their certification as accredited ECD specialists, which serves to convert their pre-schools into early childhood development centres, thereby giving children a means to succeed at school that their circumstances would otherwise deny them. It also qualifies their small businesses for funding from the Department of Social Development, thereby putting them on a sustainable footing. Let’s not forget that the hub is then managed by the high school on whose grounds it has been placed, who earns revenue from projects that are hosted in the hub.
In an effort to deepen the impact of Britehouse GOT-GAME™, the Group has incorporated into its broader enterprise development initiatives via a partnership with the founder of Got-Game, Arthur Wade Anderson.
Believing there to be few things more powerful than a social entrepreneur empowering social enterprises, the Group provides Anderson with business mentorship, as well as input in the form of solutions or SED spend from its own vendor network, including SAP and Microsoft. As the direct liaison with the community, Anderson is then responsible for and facilitates the management of Britehouse GOT-GAME™ and oversees any points of presence extended from the hub to other communities or organisations. He and his organisation identify other small enterprises and matches them to the enterprise and skills development obligations of large organisations. Together, they will grow Britehouse GOT-GAME™ as part of Anderson’s 100% black-owned social enterprise and position his business to help micro-businesses become adequately professionalised.

The dream

Ultimately, the Group believes that corporate social investment is evolving into a form of social entrepreneurship which not only solves social problems through business-like approaches but actively fosters entrepreneurial behaviour in marginalised communities.
Britehouse GOT-GAME™ is the cornerstone of the Group’s multi-layered socio-economic development (SED) initiative known as the #67DayDigitalActivationMovement (the Movement). The Movement, which is modelled on the United Nations’ 67 minutes of activism used annually to honour Nelson Mandela, invites and enables corporates to complete measurable community-based, technology-driven projects within repeatable, short timeframes.
Essentially, this allows the Group to provide and maintain cohesive, sustainable community benefits while enabling the distribution of benefits on a much broader front throughout South Africa by outsourcing its SED. Effectively, each hub creates a multiplier effect, with communities benefitting from a continuously enriched and expanding SED focus, and if corporates then also take the 67 Day approach, the multiplier effect becomes exponential.

hello tutor corporate collaborations

hello tutor partners with corporates to provide curriculum aligned maths and science video content to schools through hello tutor hubs. Each hub contains all the material available on the internet-based platform, but is set up on a server at the school to allow unlimited access with no need for an internet connection. It’s how we are able to bring the best in South African teaching to each and every learner, even those is rural settings. It’s how we are building our presence around the country through partnerships with like-minded businesses such as Britehouse. It’s how, over time, we intend revolutionising education!