Past Paper video solutions with hello tutor

Past Paper Answers with Workings

Past paper exercises are a great way to assess your readiness for the end of year exams. Historically students had access to books of past papers, questions and solutions. Or should I say answers? This proved useful in many respects but also limited for a number of reasons.
past paper exercises are a winner
The biggest problem was that while one was able to attempt solving examples from previous years, guidance when getting the answer wrong did not exist. This again meant reliance on teachers at school or tutors after school. Hello tutor solves this. Our videos cover the past three years maths past papers. They contain not only the questions and answers but also the  ‘in-between’.
As we are continually told, finding the right answer from a marks perspective only gets us halfway there, if that. It’s all about showing how we got there and illustrating a true understanding of the problem.

So, how does one take advantage of this resource?

What we have found learners doing is quite interesting. They’ll kick the relevant video off and take the question in. They’ll then pause the video and attempt working towards the answer. Once they arrive at a solution they watch the rest of the video, observe the sometimes many routes to the correct answer and the answer itself. They can watch the video over and over again. And, they can do this for the past three years! Here is an example – 2014 Maths Final Paper – Paper 1, Question 1

It’s super effective!

Using past papers in this way is highly effective. It gives learners confidence and removes much of the frustration once encountered with this way of preparing. Past paper solutions can be found by picking the grade 12 – maths drop-down and then selecting the Past Exam Papers option under category. Then, under topic select the relevant year’s papers you’d like to look at.
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