8 habits to becoming an excellent maths performer – introduction

Maths learning tips

As a part of our quest to assist learners who lack the resources necessary to achieve excellent results in maths and science, we are excited to welcome to our blog an expert in maths education, Mrs Maths. Mrs Maths will, through weekly articles, supplement the educational video tutorials on our platform with other tips on how students can improve their performance in the classroom.

Mrs Maths, through hard work and dedication, herself excelled in academics at high school and was in fact the Dux Learner in her class for 12 consecutive years. After school, she studied a BSc degree majoring in Mathematics. In 2011 she finished her BSc Degree in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics and completed her Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) in 2012.

Mrs Maths has since worked as a High School Mathematics teacher in South Africa and also abroad in the United Kingdom. She is absolutely passionate about Mathematics, education and helping students achieve their goals.

Currently, she focusses her time and energy on helping learners from across the country reach their potential via online videos (see her tutorials on hello tutor), blogging, social media support and personal tutoring. It’s a pleasure to welcome Mrs Maths to the hello tutor blogging team and we look forward to making use of her advice in our endeavour to do as well as we can in high school mathematics!

Watch this space for more on how to take your maths results to the next level!