SED Britehouse Collaboration – Bringing education to all

Introduction to SED (socio-economic development)

By the end of year exams 2017, the hello tutor video platform will have been fully functional in 5 under-serviced schools through SED spend by leading digital business, Britehouse. This has directly enhancedthe lives of 1000s of underprivileged students. These schools include;

  • Kwena Molapo High School, Lanseria;
  • Sunrise Secondary School, Diepsloot;
  • Shumayela High School, Umlazi;
  • Sibusiswe Comprehensive Technical School, Umbumbulu; and,
  • Newhaven Secondary School, Chatsworth / Zwelibanzi High School, Umlazi.

Notable Achievements

Here are some of the notable developments since the SED project began in late 2015;

  • The number of high school math and science videos has grown to circa 1600 videos. All content is developed by leading South African teachers ;
  • Of the 1600 videos, >400 grade 10 to 12 maths and science videos are in Zulu. This provides many learners with the opportunity to understand maths and science concepts in their own language;
  • The hello tutor video library continues to grow organically every month. This gives learners access to new and fresh content;
  • 100% of the maths topics included in the NSC high school maths syllabus are covered by video material on hello tutor;
  • The 2014, 2015 and 2016 NSC matric maths final exam papers and the 2015 NSC matric science final paper have been covered by our tutors;
  • Hello tutor ambassadors, specially trained on the system, visit each the schools on a regular basis. At these visits they provide live tutoring and guidance to new and existing students on the system;
  • At Shumayela High School, hello tutor has been streamed into each of the classrooms. This allows the entire school access to the platform in a seamless and convenient way. The success of this pilot will lead to similar rollout amongst other schools in the portfolio.

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Accelerated adoption

In terms of adoption since the project began with the installation of the first servers in April 2016, hello tutor has seen the registration of over 500 individual learners across the country. An end of year assessment of usage for the year 2017 shows that over 10 000 videos were watched by underprivileged South African learners. This represents a significant increase from 2016 and testament to the efficacy and continued adoption of the platform.

Through the integration of hello tutor into these under-resourced schools, teachers continue to leverage the wealth of information provided by the video tutorials. They draw upon the expertise and methodologies of teachers around the country in their own teaching and lesson planning.

What’s next?

For the first time since the inception of the Britehouse SED sponsorship, 100% of the topics included in the high school maths syllabus are covered by hello tutor which now represents a complete solution to learners who rely on the platform. Our intention for the year ahead is to focus on the following key additions to the system;

  • To continue spending more time within each school environment engaging with learners, finding out where gaps in information exist and where enhancements can be made to improve their experience on the system;
  • To expand on the subjects covered by the system and through partnerships with leading South African schools and teachers focus on accelerating content development in other subjects and languages. In this regard, hello tutor is in discussions with a leading supplier of localization technology, a potential means of having all content on the system converted into multiple African languages;
  • Together with Britehouse, develop a mobile application which will allow learners to download content at school, within a wi-fi area through a smart device, and take it away with them for viewing at home; and,
  • The recent advancement of being able to stream hello tutor content into multiple classrooms at each school as well as public areas allowing great access to the hello tutor hub. This has been trialled as a part of the hello tutor / Britehouse partnership in 2017 and can now be rolled out across all the schools. This functionality would fall under an addendum agreement to this one and is subject to a once off establishment cost.